Whether you're a charity, club, school or goverment funded organisation, if your primary concern is NOT about profits, then we can help your business.


By asking questions we make sure we fully understand what you need. Because we know, the clearer the picture we build early on, the better the end result. Throughout the process, the emphasis is always on producing what will be most effective in satisfying the client's requirements.


At The Design Cellar we recognize that not-for-profit organizations have to be more transparent and careful with their budgets as their funds are not from profits but from supporters or grants and shouldn't be wasted on expensive design consultancy fees.


By being sympathetic to this we recognize the importance of cost-effective design solutions. We provide itemized

quotes/invoices so that a client knows where their funds are being spent and so that they can choose where, if necessary,

they can save on their design budget.

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